The International Quilt Study Center & Museum: A Must-Visit for Any Quilt Lover

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum: A Must-Visit for Any Quilt Lover

March 6, 2013 6:34 pm

If you think you’ve seen gorgeous quilts, you’ve not seen anything until you’ve visited the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This amazing center has quilts on display the likes of which you’ve never laid eyes on. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing facility:

Location and Hours
You can find the museum at 1523 North 33rd Street. You can browse the exhibits Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Guided tours are provided at no cost Tuesday through Friday.

Cost of Admission
The cost of admission for the museum is incredibly reasonable. At just $6 for adults and $3 for children aged five through 18, you can easily afford a family afternoon at the center. In fact, if you’re planning a visit with the family, you’ll receive a discount on admission; it will cost you a total of just $12 for two adults and any children or grandchildren.

Exhibits change at the museum on a fairly regular basis. Examples of exhibitions include “Indigo Gives America the Blues” and “Perfecting the Past: Colonial Revival Quilts.” The museum also welcomes traveling exhibits that are sure to delight quilters of any age.

Not only does the museum offer gorgeous displays of artwork, but patrons can take part in classes held throughout the year. Research and fellowship opportunities are also offered at the museum, as are symposiums and graduate programs.

If you have a love of quilting or simply a love of eye-catching art, the International Quilt Study Center & Museum is a must-see facility. Since 1997, the museum has been delighting visitors with its exhibitions and educational opportunities. For more information or for help in planning your visit, call 402-472-6549.