Guilds and Groups: Clubs for Quilters

Guilds and Groups: Clubs for Quilters

March 28, 2013 6:36 pm

If you’ve fallen in love with the art of quilting, there’s little doubt that you’ve hears of quilting guilds and clubs. While many quilters have heard of these groups, just as many understand what they are. Here is a brief look at what these groups are and what they do:

Quilting groups consist of friends, family members and even neighbors. These crafters typically meet monthly and socialize while they sew. The groups may work on projects for charities, local hospitals or organizations.

Quilting guilds tend to be more organized than quilting groups. Some guilds are national, inviting authors and designers to host workshops at monthly meetings. Guilds often put on quilt shows in their local communities or work on fundraising activities. It’s not unusual for dues to be required for membership within a guild.

Benefits of Joining
Whether you choose to join a small group or a large guild is simply a matter of personal preference. Joining either will give you a chance to socialize, learn new techniques and give your time to worthy causes. Studies have shown that quilting, like many other hobbies, can also improve your mental acuity and physical health.

Where to Find a Guild
If you’re looking for a guild or group to join, try searching online for any groups in your community. You may also contact your city’s chamber of commerce, speak with someone at your favorite craft or fabric store, or even look in your local newspaper. Quilting guilds are by no means secret organizations; they are very easy to find.

Quilting guilds and groups offer crafters a chance to socialize, learn new skills and complete projects for a variety of charities and organizations. If you’re looking to expand your social circle, look for a group in your community to join.